Boost Agile Development by 3 Steps

If you are done with hooray actions then you can give it a try to manage software development from a more strategic perspective.


1. Get familiar

Understand your problem/idea and current situation in terms of strategy, goals and so on.


2. Research

Does it make sense to develop it in terms of other opportunities, capacities, budget, etc. or should you buy it?


3. Proposal

Discussion about the planning, organizing, architecture, tech stack, and infrastructure that fits the product or service.

Let's keep it simple and effective!

3000+ software development companies only in Czech. Why me?

I positively believe in my different way of thinking out of the box gained by empathy for other cultures and nationalities when I was developing software for foreign countries.

I collaborated on high-quality software with a very senior team for more than 100 000 users, but I also led a software development team with a focus on quantity and profitability. Would you like to discuss the best quality-profitability match that suits your product?

Interested only in workshop with no relation to some project?

Project Management

Planning & Budgeting
Agile & SCRUM

Analysis & Design

Requirements Analysis
High-level Architecture
Workflows & UML
AB and Acceptance testing

Software Engineering

JavaScript & TypeScript
ReactJS & React Native
VueJS & AngularJS & NodeJS
Python & Java
Docker & Git

Fun Facts

Assertive Being
Mountain's Adventurer
Cryptocurrency Enthusiast
Icy-shower Lover
Swing Dancer

Making Ideas Come to Life !

Year after year, the IT world changes and that's exactly why I love this discipline.


It's great how software development connects people and builds trust.

Let’s Work Together

If you have a website or mobile app idea in mind or you need to consult software development, feel free to contact me. If you are up to a personal website or e-shop, I can redirect you to the right people too.

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